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That Guy's Journal

For Your Consideration

That Guy (€)
24 January 1962
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I'm an aging New Wave Punk Rock intellectual and part-time Ur-goth, who's landed a job in management in a respectable mundane corporation. I'm a wanna-be creative who appreciates aesthetic endeavors of all types - Dance, music, visual art, performance art, architecture, and works of nature. I have a love for the absurd, and find reason to laugh in the most difficult of situations - what else am I going to do.

I'm not entirely sure why I'm here in Live Journal, I can barley write anything in the hardcopy notebook I carry with me, so I have to wonder how successful this will be. But I'm curious and intrigued, I know a few people that play here and figure I should try the darn thing out before I get too opinionated.

C'est la Vie.
aesthetics, albert camus, anarchy, art, arthur schopenhauer, atheism, berlin, bertolucci, bertrand russell, bhangra, björk, blondie, bollywood, borofsky, byzantium, capsule, chemical brothers, chicago, chicks on speed, cibo matto, cinema, coachella, coen brothers, contemporary art, contemporary dance, cos-play, crystal method, dada, damaged californians, dance, david bowie, david lynch, devo, disney, disneyland, disneyland paris, dresden dolls, edgar allan poe, edith piaf, eric orr, ethics, existentialism, film noir, folklore, foreign films, france, franz kafka, friedrich nietzsche, fritz lang, gabriel garcia marquez, gothic lolita, gram rabbit, granta, gustav klimt, harajuku, haruki murakami, hedonism, hermann hesse, independent films, j-pop, jacques brel, jacques derrida, james bond, jean-paul sartre, jim jarmusch, john waters, jorge luis borges, kandinsky, kate bush, kcrw, kiii, kinsey, klee, kraftwerk, kurt vonnegut jr., laurie anderson, leonard cohen, literature, ludwig wittgenstein, marquis de sade, metaphysics, michel foucault, michel houellebecq, music, national parks, neitzsche, nick cave, nihilism, noam chomsky, npr, oojami, oscar wilde, paris, paris combo, performance art, peter greenaway, phenomenology, phillip glass, philosophical ethics, philosophy, pina bausch, pixar, poetry, polanski, rai, rene magritte, russ meyer, sartre, serge gainsbourg, señor coconut, shibuya, shinjuku, sigmund freud, smoke city, soren kierkegaard, surrealism, sylvia plath, t.c. boyle, t.s. eliot, talking heads, the absurd, the cure, the little rabbits, the nightmare before christmas, the residents, the tour de france, tokyo, tokyo disney seas, tokyo disneyland, tom tom club, travel, twin peaks, ultima vez, ultravox, umberto eco, used bookstores, ute lemper, vladimir nabokov, voltaire, weimar germany, wim wenders, woody allen, ye-ye girls, zen